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Bryan Salamone: Divorce Attorney, Rally Driver, Philanthropist
  • Who is Bryan Salamone?

    Nationally Recognized Divorce Attorney

    Bryan Salamone is the owner and leader of Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. and has represented celebrities and extreme high net worth individuals as well as the average member of the community. He does not differentiate between the celebrity clients, the "big cases," and the cases of local people who are seeking an uncontested divorce for only a few hundred dollars. He is eager to fight equally hard for the average working person who seeks divorce or representation in a family law dispute and is a major advocate for both mother's rights and father's rights. He offers an hourly rate as low as $290. Mr. Salamone’s success led to him being featured in Vice Media’s documentary entitled “Heartbreak Hustle,” which delves into the growing divorce industry in the United States and the different options for couples looking to end their marriage.

  • The Smarter Divorce© Process

    As a leader in his legal field, attorney Bryan Salamone has authored The Smarter Divorce© process. This copyrighted material provides a seven-step plan to obtaining the very best result to your marriage dissolution. His firm has abided by this system for years, resolving thousands of divorce cases in his clients’ favor.

    Bryan L. Salamone & Associates, P.C. handles more divorces each year than any other New York divorce law firm and created a user-friendly New York State Child Support and Maintenance Calculator. This patent-pending tool allows you to enter your own income information and calculate the amount of child support and maintenance that should be paid or received.

  • In the Media

    Heartbreak Hustle

    There are one million divorces in the United States every year—that's one every 36 seconds, nearly 2,400 per day, and 16,800 per week. It's hardly surprising, then, that the divorce industry is worth a whopping $50 billion annually—that's a hell of lot of heartbreak.

  • Record-Holding, Rally-Driving Personality

    In addition to his prolific legal career, Bryan Salamone is known throughout the United States as an international rally driver. He is frequently spotted driving his signature chrome Lamborghini in events all over the world — from Monte Carlo to Manhattan. His car is featured in an upcoming major studio blockbuster film starring Ryan Reynolds and was also featured in a Netflix original program called “The Fastest Car” in an episode entitled “King of the World.” In 2018, Mr. Salamone drove around the entire globe in his Lamborghini, starting in New York and ending in Japan, as part of several televised charity-based events.
  • Teamsalamone’s Philanthropy Work

    More than $1 million raised

    Teamsalamone is the automotive charity team that Mr. Salamone created in order to reach out to people and bring awareness to specific causes. Through his showmanship and his victories on the road, he has been able to headline numerous events that have raised over $1,000,000 in donations for charitable causes, including a lung transplant that successfully saved a woman's life.

    Mr. Salamone has been honored by the Italian embassy in Washington, D.C. for his charitable causes and his car has been publicly displayed to large crowds in Times Square, Rome, Tokyo, Coventry Gardens in the UK, the Indianapolis Speedway, the Staples Center in Los Angeles and the Castle of Versailles in France.

  • Supporting People in Need

    Mr. Salamone and his law firm are major supporters of the United States Marine Corp (USMC) Toys for Tots program, the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Big Brothers Big Sisters Foundation of New York City. Mr. Salamone’s personal charity is the Sisters of Saint Francis, as well as the Little Sisters of the Poor. The Little Sisters of the Poor use donations from Mr. Salamone’s rally team to support their Queen of Peace Residence, which provides a home and hospice care to terminally ill nuns.

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